Courses offered by the Canadian Police College are available to police officers and other organizations that have a mandate within law enforcement or who support public safety. Policing and law enforcement partners from other countries are welcome.

For police officers

For government agencies with a public safety mandate

Some courses offered at the college are open to government employees from federal, provincial, and municipal agencies or departments that have a role in public safety. This includes employees with peace officer status, members of National Defence, and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Accredited private-sector agencies that have an investigative mandate are also eligible. Contact for more information.

Your organization's training coordinator must complete the registration process. Training coordinators should download the registration form, ensure all sections are complete, and email the completed form to

If your agency has not attended a particular course in the past, the training coordinator must send a written request to the attention of the Office of the Registrar to determine if you and your agency or government department meet the selection criteria. The letter should be written on official letterhead and include the following information:

Email the complete package to

For international police or law enforcement partners

For more information check out our international centre or contact us at

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