Digital Technologies for Investigators

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Program area: Technological crime

Course code: DTIC

Course registration details
Session(s) Location Start date End date
22-01 Full Ottawa 2022-01-24 2022-01-28
22-02R Full Surrey BC 2022-03-21 2022-03-25
22-03 Full Ottawa 2022-04-25 2022-04-29
22-04 Full Ottawa 2022-06-20 2022-06-24
22-06 English Ottawa 2022-10-24 2022-10-28
22-07 English Ottawa 2022-11-28 2022-12-02
Tuition Accommodation Full Meals Total
$ 3,200.00 $ 475.00 $ 375.00 $ 4,050.00


  • Accommodations include arrival of student the night before course start date.
  • Cost is based on the Single room with a shared bathroom priced at $ 95.00/night
  • Travel grant funding may be available (for non-federal police agencies only)


The cyber environment has no borders and offers easy anonymity and methods of concealment. It also provides new tools to engage in a range of different criminal activities. This course is designed to assist investigators in solving crimes that involve digital evidence.

Format and delivery

Length of course

5 days (combined 25 hrs. online pre-course and in-class)

  • Part 1: Approximately 25 hours pre-course reading (self-paced)
  • Part 2: 5 days of learning in-class
Class size
maximum 20 students
Delivery setting
  • Part 1: Delivered through CPC LMS (ILIAS) platform
  • Part 2: Delivered on-site in class

Learning outcomes

Eligibility and mandatory requirements



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