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Program area: Polygraph training

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24-02 English Ottawa 2024-09-16 2024-11-22


  • Accommodations are offered to course participants. Our rooms are subject to availability and the request must be indicated on the course registration form
  • Meal plans are offered to course participants. The specific meal plan must be indicated on the course registration form
  • Travel grant funding is available to our non-federal law enforcement agencies


The Canadian Police College trains employees of law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies to become certified polygraph examiners. By asking questions about a particular issue under investigation and examining a subject's physiological reactions, a polygraph examiner can reach an opinion as to whether a subject has been truthful or deceptive. Polygraph testing is an investigative tool that is typically used during the later stages of an investigation.

Format and delivery

Delivery setting

This course is presented in person.

Theoretical portions are offered in the classroom.

Practical exercises take place in a polygraph suite with polygraph equipment.

Length of course

Three phases of the course must be completed within one year:

  1. the academic phase is a ten-week course of theory and practice
  2. the internship phase is a two-week period of practical application under direct supervision
  3. the certification phase is approximately nine months of practical application under indirect supervision
Class size
14 participants
Pre-course assignments
Memorize the complete Polygraph Examiners Course Pre-Test script verbatim prior to attending the Polygraph Examiners Course. On day one of the course, all participants are tested on their ability to write and recite the complete Pre-Test Script from memory.

Learning outcomes

Eligibility and mandatory requirements


Transfer credits

The graduates of the college's Polygraph Examiners course are eligible for credits towards the Bachelor of Arts in Policing at Wilfrid Laurier University. For more information, please refer to the Transfer credits section.


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