Proficiency Testing for Fingerprint Examiners

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Program area: Forensic Identification

Course code: PTFE

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  • Accommodations include arrival of student the night before course start date.
  • Cost is based on the Single room with a shared bathroom priced at $ 95.00/night
  • Travel grant funding may be available (for non-federal police agencies only)


The proficiency testing is an integral part of a quality management system and assesses the performance of fingerprint examiners in performing independent casework examinations (Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation and Verification) of friction ridge impressions.

Proficiency also provides assurances that the overall performance of the Forensic Service Provider and its personnel are being monitored and evaluated, so that issues with quality can be identified and corrective actions taken.

Format and delivery


Length of course
5 hours (Participants will have 10 working days to complete their proficiency testing after registration).
Class size
A maximum of 30 participants per session
Delivery setting
Self-paced online testing

Learning outcomes

The objective of the proficiency testing is to assess fingerprint examiners with their ability to reach correct conclusions using the ACE-V process.

Eligibility and mandatory requirements

Software requirements

The use and installation of the following is required to complete this test.

You should also be able to open JPG, TIF, and ZIP files.



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