Graduated return to full capacity classrooms

As the Canadian Police College (CPC) begins the transition to reopening its campus to full capacity services, the current mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy will remain in effect, as per Government of Canada direction. Over the next several months, the CPC will focus on gradually increasing the availability of its high caliber programming by resuming in-person advanced and specialized training to clients and partners in the law enforcement community.

While not every course will become immediately available in person, the CPC plans to increase the availability of more courses throughout the summer and fall of 2022. As the situation remains fluid, this timeline is subject to change depending on the Public Health guidelines on COVID-19.

We will continue every effort to communicate any potential disruptions to the proposed timeline for reopening, including any course cancellations in a prompt fashion. Participants are encouraged to plan their attendance to the campus accordingly, and to contact the CPC directly if they are unsure on the status of a specific course.

Our top priority remains the health and safety of faculty and students while ensuring the continuous delivery of our training. Should you have any additional questions regarding the vaccine mandates or re-opening of the CPC, please consult the current Ontario Health guidelines or the CPC Registrar at

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