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Police sciences

Explosives training

Post Blast Scene Technicians Course

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, valuable skills gained and very useful to compare and combine with knowledge and training undertaken in the UK. Thank you very much to all the instructors and course leaders for a brilliant two weeks.

As a first time Guest Instructor I had a great experience. The CPC Bomb School is professionally run by a wide spectrum of extremely knowledgeable instructors. They have created an environment that makes it easy to understand and learn for the candidates. Not only did I enjoy instructing, I also refreshed my skills and learned some new techniques. I look forward to returning for future training and courses.

The instructors are invaluable to this course and are quintessential to our success. Each of them brought relevant experience to the lectures, range days, and scenarios. They should be commended for being capable of maintaining eager and positive demeanors with all of the candidates, exercising daily patience throughout our learning, and consistently displaying passion for all that encompasses EDU. It was a privilege to learn from each of them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic presentations in which the knowledgeable instructors would connect course material to real life/practical scenarios to further ensure our understanding. Scenario based and practical training was the most beneficial in my learning - which I feel this course contains and abundance of. The experienced instructors are invaluable to each and every session in this course.

Straight up, this was the best course so far in my police career, I really enjoyed it. I don't have any major criticisms or concerns with the delivery of the course. I can see that there's a lot of work done at the back end and behind the scenes and I really hope that the instructors are aware of how thankful we of the them and their dedication, expertise, feedback and instruction. Thanks so much guys!

Police explosives technicians forced entry for instructors

I can honestly state that everything was useful/helpful. All learning objectives were key to ensure success.

Overall comments: 100% best course I have ever been on, continue the great work.

Investigative techniques

Violent Offenders Behaviours

This course was fabulous overall. I learned a lot and it was so interesting. I would say that this is the best course that I have taken in my career in terms of content and calibre of presenters. I also appreciated when the instructor provided an opportunity for the candidates to leave the room when the content was very graphic. I thought this was professional and speaks to the overall concern for the candidates' mental health.

This was the most professionally ran course I have ever taken, which somehow was still super fun and a blast to be a part of. The level of instruction was world class, and the delivery method and practical exams / exercises to act as a confirmation of skills is perfect.

One of the best courses I have had the pleasure of taking. Can't say enough about how well the course was ran and the content in it. Thank you for the great experience

This course was amazing and I laid a great foundation for what is expected and built on things in a way that was manageable.

All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and clearly experts in the field; this was easy to see while they were sharing their experiences and through their feedback post scenarios.

Critical Incident Commanders Course

Very valuable course for me. I learned a great deal and was challenged, which made the training very rewarding.

Excellent course with knowledgeable, supportive instructors and relevant material. Thank you. Overall a great course. Most challenging one I have participated in.

Awesome course overall, I haven't been challenged this much on a course.

The course was excellent and, as mentioned, the instructors were awesome. It was a privilege to be a part of the course and to now be a CIC for my agency.

Polygraph Examiners Course

Instructors and all of the facilitators were truly outstanding ... I have taken part in many courses over the years but this one is Far and Away the very best!!! It was extremely challenging but also extremely enjoyable at the same time. Thanks very much!

Overall excellent course, instructors were very knowledgeable and made it enjoyable to learn the material. Thanks!

Instructors did an amazing job on the course. Their knowledge, experience, and ability to teach has been invaluable and they always went above and beyond to make sure that we had what we needed to succeed.

The instructors provided a great setting to learn and, while the workload was massive, the instructors were always available to offer help and did what they could to allow the candidates to succeed.

Investigative Phased Interviewing Course

Loved the course and the presenters! This should be mandatory for all officers! thank you!

Course was packed and pace was great.

The instructors were amazing and given the circumstance with COVID it was well organized.

Great course with knowledgeable instructors.

A great course. Instructors were great. Syndicate leaders were great. Lots of knowledge sharing which was appreciated.


Forensic Identification Course

This was the most professionally ran course I have ever taken, which somehow was still super fun and a blast to be a part of. The level of instruction was world class, and the delivery method and practical exams / exercises to act as a confirmation of skills is perfect.

Professional development centre for indigenous policing

I-SPAC - Strategic Policing through Action and Character Leadership Development Course

What I enjoyed the most about the SPAC course was its ability to enhance one's thinking and leadership style, which in-turn benefits our respective organizations, and aids in the development of future leaders. And we worked together as a group so cohesively because of our shared interest and outlook from an Indigenous lens. I look forward to implementing the refreshing ways of working with people that I have learned through this course.

The thing that I liked best about the SPAC-1 course is that it challenged me to raise my own self-awareness, which included identifying those area of weakness which needed improving on! Such self-awareness and self-knowledge will only help me in becoming a stronger leader!

Leadership development centre

International Executive Development in Policing

The 'People' element and the 'Programme Structure' were the best. The CPC had gathered quality police executives and targeted to bringing out the best in them. The professional exchanges of knowledge were intensive, dynamic and structured, packed with meaningful peer-to-peer interactions, personalized executive coaching, and real-life strategies for making a difference. The program was tailor-made for officers at Superintendent level internationally and various police services from Canada. The IEDP helps participants to strengthen their ability to achieve more results and become a leader worth following.

Fellow from Hong Kong
Executive Development in Policing Program

I loved the opportunity to work with international policing partners and recognise that despite our differences, our commitment to policing and the challenges we confront are mostly similar. To be offered the experience of working with other police managers to collectively build our capacity and capabilities is a true honour. The EDP Fellow role is a gift and one of my career highlights.

Fellow from the UK

The CPC has created a strong, supportive environment for continuous executive development. The EDP course in particular strives to find strong leaders or potential future leaders that would benefit from the learning and experiences offered by this course. It also provided a great opportunity to meet with other leaders within the Force, that has served me extremely well over the years. Many of the students during the time that I was on the course have since risen to the ranks of C/Supt all the way to CO's.

I would definitely recommend this course to any future leader within this organization. In fact, I have supported a number of my staff to go through this program and they are all better leaders for having done so. The course teaches you many things, how to listen, how to lead, how to work with other strong leaders and most importantly, how to take care of yourself as a leader. These are invaluable tools that all leaders should have. Networking is also so important as a leader, this course provides a great opportunity to network with other leaders to work through difficult situations. It also provided a great opportunity to work with leaders from all categories of employees which is so important in this organization.

I would like to congratulate the Canadian Police College on the occasion of their 45th Anniversary. I think what I have liked best about CPC is the exceptionally high quality of the training programs that have been offered, coupled with the opportunity to connect with and build a broader network of police leaders across the entire country. I enthusiastically recommend the EDP program to Canadian police agencies and individual officers as a means of developing police leaders for future service and impact. This is a very engaging and effective program that helps to grow and stretch leaders in meaningful and measurable ways. The program is evidence-based and mobilizes knowledge into practice by taking a practical approach toward key skills and competencies that contemporary leaders need to know. The recent partnerships with universities that allow for transfer credit towards graduate programs is a huge value-add.

SPAC - Strategic Policing through Action - Leadership Course

Since 2007, I have had the privilege to teach an unusual topic to senior police officers, namely "Emotional Intelligence and Effectiveness in Leadership". The topic of "Effectiveness in Leadership" is a natural one for senior police officers but not necessarily the "Emotional Intelligence" one. What do emotions have to do with police work? Would they not get in the way of effectiveness! So, over the past 14 years, I have been amazed by the warmth and intelligence that my participants have displayed as they shyly tiptoe initially around a topic that is a lot closer to them than they would like to acknowledge. Policing is a very emotional activity in many respects that requires the development of emotional awareness and the use of emotions in day-to-day operations; the understanding and managing of emotional expression is equally fundamental for police officers.

What I like best about my experience of teaching at the CPC is the opportunity to meet, in a setting conducive to a sharing of experiences and knowledge, dynamic, curious and interesting human beings who are called upon to carry out challenging emotional tasks and to be able to assist them in the development of their emotional intelligence as leaders. Based on what I have been exposed to, that's what the CPC provides, meaning a platform, a springboard to the personal and social development of future police forces.

The SPAC program is a door to the renewal of police forces management in Canada and abroad. It lifts a candidate to a new way of understanding police work and leadership within a Canadian and global context. It also allows for the personalized free exchange of valuable information and experiences between members of very different police forces within a dynamically evolving field of human activity. It is an indispensable experience for someone who wants to contribute to a wider and more flexible way of leading police forces as well as a door to the future of police work. Highly recommended!

I appreciated the experience of learning about emotional intelligence and how that self awareness can be effective in leading change. I also enjoyed the agenda on strategic planning and community leadership. Every subject matter expert was very helpful in providing information and tools to utilize in my stage of career. I would recommend this course to officers, civilians and people who will be or are in leadership roles. It was valuable in every aspect from the teaching of crucial conversations to leading change in leadership. As a member with experience this course has set a new target for change and developing my own narrative for leadership.

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