International Executive Development in Policing

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Program area: Leadership

Course code: IEDP

Course registration details
Session(s) Location Start date End date
20-01 English
Course 1 Online 2021-01-18 2021-04-09
Course 2 CPC Deveau Hall 2021-05-10 2021-05-21
Course 3 Online 2021-08-09 2021-10-29
Course 4atable footnote * Online 2021-11-29 2022-03-04
Course 4b Hong Kong Police College 2022-03-28 2022-04-08

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Winter break: December 10, 2021 to Juanuary 9, 2022.

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Cost – Canadian Police
Tuition Accommodation Full Meals Total
$ 8,475.00 $ 1,155.00 $ 771.32 $ 10,401.32
Cost – Other eligible registrants (Canadian and International)
Tuition Accommodation Full Meals Total
$ 12,000.00 $ 1,155.00 $ 771.32 $ 13,926.32


  • Registration deadline: May 8, 2020
  • Accommodations include arrival of student the night before course start date.
  • Cost includes weekend stays for the duration of the course and is based on the Single room with a private bathroom priced at $ 105.00/night.
  • Travel grant funding may be available (for police agencies only)


The International Executive Development in Policing (IEDP) program is for aspiring executive leaders in law enforcement in Canada and Hong Kong. It is comprised of four courses offered over a one year period and challenges participants to expand their executive level strategic leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. The focus is on self-reflection, strategic thinking and building individual, team and organizational competencies to address the unique challenges facing law enforcement. Students have the unique opportunity to network with senior ranked law enforcement executives in Canada and Hong Kong.

IEDP is a unique opportunity for students to participate in a program that is focused on creating bridges between Canada and Hong Kong. The cohort will work together to explore a wider global perspective of executive law enforcement development, as well as share best practices and develop a global network between the two countries. The program will be attended by half the students from the Hong Kong Police Force. It is designed to provide a rich educational experience and exposure to students of local and international policing challenges.

Spaces are limited as half the class will come from the Hong Kong Police Force.

Format and delivery

Length of course
12 months
Class size
maximum 24 students
Delivery setting
online, classroom in Ottawa and off-site in Hong Kong

Learning outcomes

Eligibility and mandatory requirements

(Hong Kong students register within the Hong Kong Police College)



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