CPC Explosives Training Unit Detonates OC Transpo Bus

In November, OC Transpo graciously donated two decommissioned buses for use in Canadian Police College (CPC) training courses. As part of an exercise of the Post-Blast Scene Technicians Course, the CPC’s Explosives Training Unit towed one of the buses to an empty quarry just outside of Ottawa. The course instructors carefully set a number of explosive charges throughout the bus. The bus was expertly detonated and, once the area was deemed safe, the course participants began to analyze the post-blast wreckage as part of the course exercise. For the course participants, the use of the OC Transpo bus allowed them to get hands-on experience in a safe environment. Participants in the Post-Blast course are from two different disciplines; explosives technicians and forensic specialists, who look for indices on what types of explosives and the quantity of explosive charges used in a blast by examining the scene and debris. Forensic specialists catalogue and record the data as well as prepare a case file.


Photo of Bus explosion


Beginning in 2010, the CPC entered into a partnership with OC Transpo to use real-world elements in its exercises to better prepare course participants.


“OC Transpo was pleased to be able to contribute two decommissioned buses in support of the Police College training in November 2011,” said Ed Thomas, Superintendent, Maintenance Planning at OC Transpo. “This is the second year we were able to provide buses to this activity and will continue to support this program moving forward if we have vehicles available.”


Photo of participants next to busPhoto of particpants approaching bus


The CPC’s partnership with OC Transpo is one of many that allow the CPC to manage   operations in a cost effective manner and provide participants with advanced and specialized courses that prepare them to meet the demands of their jobs.


“It is great when we can use exercises like this one in our courses since they help us to give our course participants a chance to gain experience in analyzing a situation that they may encounter in the field,” said Sgt. Don Chenel, ETU Program Manager. “OC Transpo’s donation, allowed us to run an extremely large and valuable exercise at virtually no cost to the college and the participants.”


Photo of participants photographing inside busPhoto of participants analyzing post-blast site


For more information on the CPC’s post-blast course, please visit: Post-Blast Course Scene Techicians (PBLAST) Course    and to view a video of the decommissioned OC Transpo bus explosion, please visit: The CPC Youtube Channel. Follow us on Twitter @cpc1976ccp